Videofluoroscopy Part 1

Leider ist keine deutschsprachige Fassung verfügbar.

The videos in Windows Media format are derived from the original DVDs created by Prof. Dr. Hansjörg Ehrlein. The numbering of the list corresponds to the menus of the original DVD 1.

The videos are 'Windows Media Video 9'.


Motor function

  1. Function of the antral pump (animation)
  2. Antral pump
  3. Antroduodenal coordination (animation)
  4. Antroduodenal coordination
  5. Duodenal peristaltic waves
  6. Rapid emptying of saline (animation)
  7. Rapid emptying of saline
  8. Slow emptying of viscous meal (animation)
  9. Slow emptying of viscous meal
  10. Emptying of solids (animation)
  11. Emptying of solids
  12. Lag phase after potato-dumplings
  13. Gastric sieving function (animation)
  14. Sieving function
  15. The pump of the gastric reservoir (animation)
  16. The pump of the reservoir
  17. Final emptying of liquids
  18. Final emptying of viscous meal

Gastric balance

  1. Gastric balance (animation)
  2. Normal gastric balance
  3. Effect of gastrin (animation)
  4. Effect of gastrin
  5. Effect of insulin
  6. Vagal stimulation by drugs
  7. Effect of dopamine (animation)
  8. Control for dopamine
  9. Lower dose of dopamine
  10. Importance of gastric tone (animation)
  11. Higher dose of dopamine
  12. Gastric relaxation after retrograde giant contraction

Gastric stimulation and inhibition

  1. Effect of prokinetics after non-caloric meal
  2. Effect of prokinetics after nutrient meal
  3. Hormonal inhibition of gastric motility (animation)
  4. Inhibition by CCK
  5. Control for somatostatin and bombesin
  6. Inhibition by somatostatin
  7. Inhibition by somatostatin and bombesin
  8. Stimulation of motility by prokinetics (animation)
  9. Prokinetics during inhibition

Postprandial gastroduodenal motility

  1. Postprandial gastrointestinal motility
  2. Control for effects of nutrients
  3. Nutrients change gastro-duodenal motility (animation)
  4. Meal with three macronutrients
  5. Protein meal
  6. Glucose meal
  7. Fat meal

Ileal brake

  1. Ileal brake (animation)
  2. Control for ileal brake
  3. Ileal brake by oleic acid
  4. Ileal brake by glucose


Small intestine

Contractile patterns

  1. Peristaltic waves of small intestine (animation)
  2. Duodenal peristaltic waves
  3. Jejunal peristaltic waves
  4. Ileal peristaltic waves
  5. Peristaltic waves at terminal ileum
  6. Comparison of peristaltic waves Ileum/Duodenum/Jejunum
  7. Clustered contractions of duodenum
  8. Clustered contractions of jejunum
  9. Clustered contractions of ileum
  10. Segmenting contractions of jejunum
  11. Segmenting contractions of ileum

Postprandial intestinal motility

  1. Postprandial intestinal motility (animation)
  2. Postprandial jejunal motility
  3. Motility during enteral nutrition
  4. Postprandial ileal motility
  5. Postprandial ileocolonic flow

Pathological contractile patterns

  1. Pathological contractile patterns (animation)
  2. Aboral giant contraction
  3. Retrograde giant contraction and vomiting
  4. Peristalsis and antiperistalsis